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Further Examples of watches made in the USSR.

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10 02 2012

how do i get a value for a sekonda molnjia pocket watch

10 02 2012

Hello Rory,

Watch values depend on a number of factors. Firstly and most importantly condition, but also where and when you are selling the watch. The best way to get an idea of value is to look at completed listings on Ebay. Check where the seller is located and if they are selling only to their own country or worldwide or selected continents as this also impact on value.

Good luck.

12 12 2012

Why do you think that Vostok Komandirskie Tank is fake?

13 12 2012

Hello GS,

Where do I start? Looking at the watch from the outside:
– the winder is a standard type pull out and push in. A proper Vostok Komandirskie winder will have a much bigger screw top cap and a sprung winder.
– the bezel finish is not to Vostok standard and is the wrong profile (too thin)
– The printing of the dial is crude compared with a Vostok. The tank design is not exact.
– The wording contains mistakes in the design of the lettering and in the spacing
– The lume dots are incorrect. They are too flat and the green is too dark.
– The hands are incorrect shape.

On the inside, its very obvious when you look at the movement as it contains a standard Chinese movement. The fake example on my site is a Chinese copy.

I hope that helps.


26 02 2014

I have got a seconda 17 jewells watch bracelet very unusual serial 293296 from ussr do u no anything about it looks gold not sure

26 02 2014


Thanks for your enquiry regarding your bracelet watch.

The watch is only likely to be gold plated to 5 or 10 microns. Russian watch factories did make some solid gold watchcases but these are clearly marked with hallmarks and are fairly rare. The serial number only relates to the type of design of the watch and does not indicate age.


19 04 2014

Hi, I was given the Wostok 17 jewel white dial watch (last one) by a friend.
However, the writing is in russian, “Восток, 17 камней, делано в СССР”
There is also a seconds counter going around the very edge of the watch face in dashes, and every five seconds is marked above each major numeral.
On the back of the watch is the also the number 204189.
Do you know any more information about this model?

20 04 2014

Hello JRC,

Your Vostok dates from the late 1970s. This watch was produced with various dial variations. As your watch has russian script it was probably made for the internal Soviet market. Export models would have latin script. The number on the reverse of the watch case is a reference number detailing the style and decoration of the watch. The watch probably has a 2409 calibre movement although some did have other movements with date mechanisms.

You can download a copy of the 1977 Vostok catalogue from this link: http://forums.watchuseek.com/f54/catalog-watches-wostok-1977-a-504429.html

I hope that helps.


20 04 2014


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