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20 01 2015

Watches of the USSR

USSR Consumer Goods Catalogue 1950s

USSR Consumer Goods Catalogue 1950s

Watches produced in the former USSR between the 1930s and the early 1990s have steadily grown in popularity for watch collectors.

Several watch brands produced in the Soviet Union such as Vostok and Raketa are still going strong today and these watches are sought after timepieces.  Many watches produced by the Soviet brands have a particular military pedigree and many examples now display a true “retro” look to their design with high quality multi-jewelled movements. Soviet watch production was prolific and many wonderful designs and innovations were produced. It is this that appeals to most collectors as well as the fact that these watches were of their era, the Cold War era, the time of Stalin, Brezhnev and Gorbachev.

To learn more about the different watch factories in the Soviet Union and to see examples from the different Soviet brands, use the menu to the right. There are also links to other interesting Russian watch sites including the websites of the manufacturers of some of these watches and other personal collections.




9 responses

5 10 2010
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8 07 2012


I have looked at a few websites until I found yours which seems
Very informative, I have a
Sekonda 17 Jewel Pendant Watch Uglich 1301 the same as in your
Examples 5 I just wondered if you had any more information about it
Like when I would have been made what it’s made out of?
It was a gift quite a few years ago and I was just interested about its history.
Many thanks

11 07 2012

Hello Alexei,

The pendant watch you refer to was made in by the Uglich Watch Factory, 120km to the North East of Moscow. Such pendant watches were fashionable in the 1970s. This particular pendant watch is listed in mid 1970s catalogues of Soviet made watches. The watch is gold plated to about 10 microns. The watches were produced under the Chaika brand for the USSR and Eastern Europe and as Sekonda in the United Kingdom. The 1300 caliber movement was one of the smaller movements produced by Uglich.

I hope that gives you the information you wanted.


30 06 2016

Sir,I have sekonda 17 jewels 082410 golden belt and rounded dial .. N its not working as I don’t know how to use.. its a automatic watch.. Could you please let me know how to start.

30 06 2016

Hello Romal,

Wind the watch four or five turns using the crown. If the seconds hand does not start to move, then hold the watch horizontally between forefingers and thumb and just give it a little twist. This should set it working. Then all you have to do is wear the watch to keep it going.


31 12 2016

Sekonda branded Poljot Alarm 2612.1 Black Dial Gold Plated Case

Hello I have the above watch, it is in excellent condition and the alarm works.
It was purchased new in the UK around 1992.

Do you have any idea on the value if I were to sell it?


1 01 2017

The value if sold on somewhere like eBay is anywhere between £20 to £50 it just depends on the day. The condition of the watch is important and the movement should keep good time and the alarm work properly at the indicated point of the alarm hand. Another factor can be the design of the dial. There are quite a few dial designs for these alarm watches and some are more desirable than others.

1 01 2017

Thanks for the info!

Can you tell me which dials are more desirable?


1 01 2017

Generally, those with more colour tend to be desirable. Also black dials are popular. Older Poljot alarms with the brand name Signal (in Russian script) with the wiggly shaped alarm hand are sought after. Use Google images to do a search of Poljot Alarm Watch and you will see the great variety of watches. They were produced under different brand names such as Sekonda, Poljot, Cardinal, Signal. Production continued after the Soviet era and modern Poljot alarm watches will have larger watch cases and more modern style dials. But the old ones are the best!


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