A to Z of Sekondtime Collection watches

Agat, Chaika, Cossak, Elektronika, Luch, Lyra, Mayak, Molnija, Moskva, Pobeda, Poljot, Raketa, Rekord, Slava, Start, Uran, Valtine, Vimple, Vostok, Wostok, Zaria, Zarya, ZIM

(Sekonda – as Sekonda is a brand name using all different Soviet watch makers movements, Sekondas appear in the order of the factory or brand names above depending on which movement the watch contains)



2 thoughts on “A to Z of Sekondtime Collection watches

  1. I have a pocket watch 19 jewels in its or orginal black case stamped ussr working raketa watch factory in looks like I think brass possibly what would it’s value be please

    • The value of this pocket watch is difficult to determine exactly as prices paid for such a watch varies depending on condition and where and when sold.

      The best advice I can give you is to check sold listings on Ebay. Take note of the condition of the watch and whether it was sold just in one country or offered worldwide.

      These Sekonda pocket watches were gold plated usually to 10 microns. If you look at the back of the watch under the winder you should see Au10 which is the marking for gold plated to 10 microns.

      I hope this is helpful.


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