USSR Quartz

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8 11 2012

Good afternoon.

Can you sell me a movement “3056 A” for reference slava 52356
Because in France, I can not find the parts, and the movement is down.

Thank you.


Michel Dolgopoloff

P.S: I can pay by Paypal

8 11 2012

Hello Michel,

I am sorry I do not have any movements for sale. Please try the Russian watch forum site parts wanted page :


1 09 2013


I found this page long time ago via WUS. Great work on gathering all this data. I was wondering how much jewels got the Poljot 2460? Actually I have a watch with a quartz Poljot 2456 movement and it is quite similar to the 2460 (minus date). I can only guess there is at least 3-4 jewels (3 visible).


Greetings from Serbia

1 09 2013


Thank you for your kind comments on my website.

Both the Poljot 2456 and 2460 quartz movements have 7 jewels. There are the three that you can see and another three at the other end of these pinions plus one further jewel in the stepper motor assembly.

I hope that solved your puzzle!



1 09 2013

Thank you for the reply! 🙂 I couldn’t find that info anywhere online. 🙂 I think you should add that info for all the movements. 🙂


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