It is little known that Sekonda is a British company that sourced its watches from the former USSR until the early 1990s when the Soviet Union broke up. Sekonda watches were used in the 1970s by Russian Cosmonauts. All of the various Russian watch factories/brands listed on this website supplied Sekonda and you will find their movements in pre 1993 Sekonda watches. Some Poljot and Slava, Raketa and Luch watches are almost identical to the Sekonda examples.


12 thoughts on “Sekonda

  1. 18622 is the only relevant info on the movement is marked A U (Gold Plated )? is a mechanical 22 jewel movement …working ok …no strap was lizard skin but it just fell apart with age …can you please identify this old piece please…its a ladies watch I think …Thank you very much …Any Idea what its worth …found it at a car boot sale …

    • Hello,

      With 22 jewels, this watch is probably a Zaria 2014 calibre made at the Pensa Watch Factory. All watch factories in the USSR made watches for Sekonda UK and so your watch is a Sekonda branded Zaria. The AU marking denotes the case is gold plated. Often it will say AU5 or AU10 etc. which denotes the microns of thickness of the plating. The code on the watchcase denotes the case variation and the type of hands. As for value, the best place to look is on eBay completed listings. Female watches tend not to be worth very much compared to mens watches though.


  2. Hi, found you via WUS. Looking to date a Sekonda with a 2360 quartz movement I believe it is a second Moscow factory watch. You have a picture of an identical one but no details.


    • Hello Andy,

      There is only a narrow date window in which a USSR Sekonda would have been made. This period is from about 1983/4 up to 1992/3. After this date, Sekonda sourced quartz watches from the far east.


  3. Hi my husband has a gold coloured Sekonda 25 jewel automatic watch that also has on the face Made in USSR above the number 6 position. It also displays the date & day of the week. On the back it has 495508. Is anyone able to tell be anything about it?

    • Your husband’s watch is a Slava Second Moscow Watch Factory made 25 jewel automatic 2427 watch produced for Sekonda for sale in the UK. It dates from the late 1970s or thereabouts. These automatic watches were produced in both gold and silver/chrome colours and have day and date indicators and a quick date change button in a recess above the crown.

  4. Hi. I have a Sekonda 17 Jewels watch with a white face and black inlay to the 12, 3, 6 and 9 marks. It says “Made in USSR” on the face….I don’t see this on your log here. Can you give me background to this watch please. It looks like a woman’s watch thanjs

  5. Hello Mary Ann,

    The best place to look for current values of your watch is to run a search on sold listings on eBay. You will then see how much similar items have sold for and what condition they are in. Obviously, with watches, being in good condition cosmetically and also running and keeping time are important for a good value.

    Good luck!

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