Vostok (Wostok) – Восток

Vostock Cyrillic and logoVostok means East and is a well known Russian brand which made high quality watches and instruments for the Russian military. It is not to be confused with the post soviet era, break away company of Vostok Europe which trades on its Russian credentials but which are made in Germany/Lithuania.  Original Soviet made Vostok watches are mainly divers style watches although not exclusively. The ranges include “Komandirskie”, “Amphibia”, “Generalskie”, “Admiralskie”. The movements are higher quality with multi-jewelled movements. Vostok made, and still continue to do so the popular “komandirskie” and “Amphibia” watches with military images on the dial. These watches have since become desirable watches in their own right. Examples with the wording “ЗАКАЗ МО СССР” “by order of the Ministry of Defence of the USSR” on the dial are the most desirable as these were commissioned by the Soviet government for sale in Soviet military establishments.


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